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Honlok 1.0.0

Honlok 1.0.0: Shoot all opponent pieces into the hole. table than your opponent, you will be allowed to move first in the game. Note that you must finish your moves within the given time limit, as indicated by the timer on the screen, or you will lose. After that, 16 red pieces and 16 green pieces will be placed on the two sides of the table, and both players will take turns to shoot the opponent pieces on the opposite side. During your turn, you can click to place the cue piece onto one of the highlighted

SOCCERnPOOL 1.0: SOCCERnPOOL brings you the fun and gameplay of the games of Pool + Table Soccer

TABLE SOCCER. PLAY ALONE AGAINST THE COMPUTER AI OR GET YOUR FRIEND TO GRAB THE OTHER MOUSE AND PLAY ONE-ON-ONE OR WITH UPTO FOUR PLAYERS IN TEAM COMPETITION ON THE SAME PC. *Time based match or Goal based match *Play with Pool ball physics or Table football physics *Three levels of game difficulty *Customise game physics for variable hitting force and better ball control *Uncomplicated keyboard control *Adjustable table view *Facility to adjust

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Table Smart Editor 1.0: TSE - Free .Net Database Editor for Access, SQL Server / Web Site CMS
Table Smart Editor 1.0

Table Editor allows the connection between tables by entering values ​​from a table Father to a table Son appropriately set as a string in web.config. Adapting the web.config configurations Table Smart Editor can set the Language Reference as well as perform other basic tasks such as hiding the display of tables or certain database fields. It is possible to organize the display of database tables in comfortable tabs. Smart Table Editor is also

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AutoFormat for Excel PivotTables 2.0.3: Create, store and apply your own formats for excel pivot tables
AutoFormat for Excel PivotTables 2.0.3

Tables allows you to save pivot table formatting and to use it as a format template for your other pivot tables. AutoFormat for PivotTables remembers formatting of each pivot table area: - Page fields area - Row fields area, including subtotals, blank lines and first rows - Column fields area, including subtotals - Data fields area - Common pivot table areas, including row and column grand totals AutoFormat for Excel PivotTables stores: - Number

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Disc Battle 1.8.0: Try to strike the computer`s goal!
Disc Battle 1.8.0

table with two goals, with the one on the left as your goal and the right one belongs to the computer. Two mallets are placed in front of the goals, and the puck is placed at the middle of the table. When you are ready, click the Yes button to begin the 3-minute game. Click and hold your mallet on the left of the table, then move it to shoot the puck. Neither side should cross the red line at the middle of the table. The goal area of each side will

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Shultc table - notice changing 005

First left click on the red Go arrow in the lower right corner of this window and the Shultz Table will appear. Your main strategy is to softly look at the red dot in the center of the table and continue to see this central point while at the same time noticing all other numbers. Left click with your mouse on the red dot at the center of the screen. One number will change. Try to notice which number changed and left

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Pivot4U 2.0: Enhance MS Excel with an ability to enter or edit data in pivot tables directly
Pivot4U 2.0

table pivot tables. A pivot table is a data summarization tool that, among other functions, can automatically sort, count, and total the flat data stored in one table or spreadsheet and create a second table displaying the summarized data. For all its advantages, Excel has some limitations. One of them is the missing ability to change the data directly in the data area of a pivot table. The pivot table is linked to the source data, and what you see

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